Why Maker Faires Matter

Teenagers at a computer workshop writing code and learning to program Raspberry Pi simple single-board computer. Why Maker Faires Matter Why ‘Maker Faires’ Are So Important For Our Kids by Tim Bajarin, Time Magazine The article linked above, “Why Maker Faires are so Important for our Kids” is fantastic, but we’d make one addendum. The truth is that the kind of things you see and learn about at Maker Faire San Diego are important for adults too. At Maker Faires, not only do you “see kids excited to learn about technology and making things”, but also adults, teens, seniors, people of all ages whose curiosity is sparked by awe and the incredible objects both practical and fun that people are building, hacking, and creating. More than STEM (or STEAM) education in schools, it’s also about investing in the future of technology, innovation, and rediscovering our own resourcefulness. We’re not just creating “the next generation of leaders who will guide and power the businesses, schools and homes of tomorrow” but actively creating and engaging those same ideas in Baby-Boomers, Gen-X, and anyone else in those roles today. We’re all relearning that it’s okay to mess up, tear things apart, rebuilt, invent, design, and develop the creative confidence anyone needs to tackle a project hands-on. So tell us, why are Maker Faires important to you? The post Why Maker Faires Matter appeared first on San Diego Maker Faire.