Time to get Hands on at Maker Faire!

Learn how to solder

The act of making is what Maker Faire is all about. The hands on activities play a hugely important role at Maker Faires.  Some of these are classic  making activities, like soldering or making air rockets, but we’ve upped the ante. In addition to the many activities exhibitors will have, there will be 10 hands on activities run by the San Diego Maker’s Guild, one for each of the 10 participating museums!

  • LED Bug Lights (Automotive Museum) – Learn how to make a mini bug light with LEDs.
  • Nerdy Derby (Ruben H. Fleet Science Museum) – Make a wooden nerdy derby car and race it down a track.
  • Learn How to Solder (Hall of Champions) – Learn how to solder and make a Makey badge with flashing LED eyes.
  • Air Rockets (Air & Space Museum) – Learn how to make a paper air rocket and launch in into the air to see how high it’ll fly.
  • Bead Magnets (Museum of Photographic Arts) – Learn how to make your own glass bead magnets.
  • Make Your Own Plastic Toy (Model Railroad Museum) – Learn how to make your own plastic toy with Instamorph!
  • Marshmallow Shooter  (History Center)– Learn how to make your own marshmallow shooters with PVC pipes.
  • Glow in the Dark Slime (Natural History Museum) – Learn how to make your own glow in the dark slime and take it to the dark room and see it glow.
  • Make your own Rainstick (San Diego Arts Institute) – Learn how to make a your own rainstick.
  • Self-watering Planters (Japanese Friendship Garden) – Learn how to make your own self-watering planter with empty plastic water bottles.

These activities will be free for all Maker Faire attendees to make and then take! So join in and tell us – what will you make?