Robot Day at Central

Robot Day at San Diego's Central Library

Robot Day at San Diego’s Central Library

Libraries are changing and there’s no better leader in this shift than our Central Library downtown. You know the one? The domed structure in the San Diego skyline! It’s been open since September of 2013 and since then has been rocking the making world with programs (Arduino, RaspberryPi, 3D modeling, etc) and equipment (3D printers, vinyl cutters, 3D scanners, etc) galore!

One group that meets there is the Community Robotics Project which is building the robot you see pictured above. They have great plans but needed a deadline to push them to finish Phase 1. Why not plan an all-things-robot event at the Central Library and commit to exhibit? The result? April 11’s Robot Day

This amazing four-hour event brought more people to the library than any day since opening. Three floors of the library were packed with robot themed exhibits and hand-on activities and the auditorium had a run of speakers talking about robots of all types.  Thanks to FIRST Robotics team Rise of Hephaestus we can give you a glimpse into the happenings up in the library’s ninth floor.

Check out pictures at the Makers of San Diego Central Library Meetup page.

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