Peek Inside Open Source Maker Labs

How often do you get to watch a rocket launch? How often do you watch rockets being built? How often do you get to build a rocket? Maker spaces and labs are awesome places to collaborate, innovate, build, hack, and break almost anything you can think up. Recently, we got to take a peek inside Open Source Maker Labs, a high-tech digital fabrication lab in Vista, California. At OSML, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the University of California, San Diego (SEDS UCSD) have been constructing a Vulcan-1 rocket, complete with a 3D printed engine. With metal cutting and welding stations, OSML is also where Maker Faire San Diego’s cupcake cars and power racers were constructed. Classes include lots of basic electronics and also laser cutting and engraving, but one of your best resources here is the incredible community. Open Source Maker Labs is a definite stop for anyone interested in making in North County. You can also check out amazing video of the Vulcan-1 rocket launch (parts of which were filmed by drone) here: The post Peek Inside Open Source Maker Labs appeared first on San Diego Maker Faire.