On the road with Makers: SDMMF at the El Cajon Multicultural Fiesta

Visitors to the El Cajon Fiesta experiment with an LED cube.

Visitors to the El Cajon Fiesta experiment with an LED cube.

Makers and volunteers from the San Diego Mini Maker Faire community took their show on the road Saturday, March 29 to the Multicultural Fiesta in El Cajon. Many of the 1500 visitors to the Fiesta stopped by the SDMMF table to experiment with an LED cube, inspect 3D printed badges and toys, and learn about quad rotors.

Maker Matt Woodley demoed a 125 LED cube with a three-switch controller. When people changed the switch position, the LEDs flipped to one of six lighting patterns. One setting produced a rotating vertical plane of lights, another a sweep of lights bouncing up and down in the cube. At the other end of the table, kids played with the 3D-printed cars, chains, combs, and Maker Faire badges while adults checked out the quad rotor display.

boy looking at arduinoThe SDMMF volunteers enjoyed sharing their love of making with the El Cajon community. And they got an unexpected treat – front row seats for the community dance performances ranging from disco to traditional Mexican folkdance to belly dancers balancing swords on their heads!

The Fiesta was sponsored by the El Cajon Library, which invited SDMMF to participate. Special thanks to Uyen Tran for coordinating the SDMMF booth with the El Cajon library and to all the Saturday volunteers: Liz and Michael Eddy, Yasamin Nouriboshehri, Margie Ploch, Uyen Tran, Matt Wettlaufer, Matt Woodley, and Mark Zocher.

To hear more about SDMMF adventures in El Cajon and at other outreach events in San Diego, please join us at the next SDMMF meetup:

Date: Monday, April 21
Time: 6:30-7:45 pm
Location: San Diego Central Library (330 Park Blvd.)
9th floor meeting room

The theme of the meeting will be “Things That Go Blink: Making Things with LEDs.”

Hope to see you there!