Mayor Faulconer Announces Maker Faire!

Mayor Announces Maker Faire In a way that thrilled audiences, today Mayor Faulconer and Council Member Gloria announced Maker Faire was coming to Balboa Park on October 3 and 4. Did they just walk to a podium and read a script? No, far from it! Entering the scene from stage right came a 12-legged walking POD which stopped and gently lowered both Mayor and Councilman to the ground for a grand entrance to the stage. Surrounding them were other dignitaries such as Russell the Electric Giraffe, a ship from the famous Battle Pond, San Diego’s own AR-duo telepresence robot, our own cupcake cars, giant MAKE robot and more! It was a fabulous announcement in wonderful packaging which KPBS captured nicely in the video below. Get ready. Get psyched! Maker Faire is coming to SD! Take advantage of Early Bird ticket prices now and get a 40% discount. facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail