Making an Impression: We’re Cupcakes


It was a warm and busy day downtown, Comic Con was in full swing, but I was rushing on over to the FabLab, where an adorable pink cupcake car awaited. Test drivers were invited to come and learn to drive the cupcake car as well as just learn more about it. It was an immensely fun experience! What was really amazing, however, was seeing one family in particular become as enamored with the cupcake car as I was.

While all the kids loved the cupcake car (the little boys were also fascinated by the various 3D printed models and figures), one girl in particular was completely entranced by the cupcake car – not only for the colorful exterior, but for the mechanics. By the end of the informal lesson, she knew all the components and could even tell you how to insert the battery. It was amazing watching her face light up, especially when she realized she later could explain the various parts to her own parents. Now that’s empowering for anyone!


After receiving a great lesson in cupcake car manufacture and driving, I hopped into the cupcake car (“place your weight on the little x when you get in”) and gave it a spin. It was fairly intuitive really, not so surprising given its base is a scooter chair, and it can go deceptively fast. Naturally, everyone who came by went for a ride (children safely on the laps of their parents, of course). In the end it was all smiles.

So I got to drive a cupcake car. A family got to bond. Kids and parents alike got to learn and tinker. If that’s not in the spirit of Maker Faire, I don’t know what is!