Make Faire Bot Operation!

image1Did you ever play Operation as a kid? Or even as an adult? Well do we have we something fantastic for you! Mariano is a local community-taught software developer and San Diego native. He enjoys learning how to use new tools and working with developing technologies so that he can “Make” new amazing and useful things. He walked us through this fun new project he’ll be bringing to Maker Faire!

This project, which is one of many we are building for the San Diego Central Libraries booth at Maker Faire, started with an idea between the librarian and I. We wanted a board that could be used either for an operation or marshmallow shooter game with various target holes built in. In the end, we built an operation-style game.

To make it Maker Faire themed, we used the robot seen in the faire logo. We also selected several recognizable tools as the targets. Once I had the design in mind I started to design it in the free open source vector graphic tool called InkScape. Once the vector files were complete, I booked some time on the laser cutter at MakerPlace. The advantage of using MakerPlace’s laser cutters are that they are powerful (100 watts), so you can cut through plywood with ease, and large (120cm x 90cm), allowing me to make a single large piece.


Workstation with LaserCut software, in which I imported my vector graphics.


Beginnings of the cutout on the laser cutter.


Starting to take shape! You can tell what it is now.


All finished with the cutting. This piece is for the back, to hold everything together. It’s close to 3ft x 3ft in size.


Paiting the back board black with outdoor paint.


The separate pieces that lay on top of the backer board are painted red.


The assembled unit with all pieces glued together! Now I hand it off to someone else to wore up the lighting and electronics.


That someone else (Uyen Tran) is soldering up LED lights and wires to make a circuit.


Lining the inside of the robot with aluminum foil so when someone touches the side or bottom of the robot, the lights will light up.

Come see the completed Maker Faire Bot Operation game October 3+4!

Mariano can be found volunteering at the San Diego Central Libraries Maker Lab or helping members at the San Diego FabLab as a Geek in Residence.