Hands-on: Self-watering Planters

IMG_9851 Repurpose a plastic bottle into a planter that has a reservoir for water and will automatically water its self. Simple, smart and environmentally responsible, this basic project results in a low-maintenance planter where you can watch seeds sprout, plants grow and flowers bloom. During our testing we found people riffing on the idea. Above you see enclosed terrariums. Others created hanging planters. These are the sorts of things you can try out and that we as makers encourage. Learn by trying; mistakes are OK. This is just one of many hands-on projects being prepped for October 3 & 4. At Maker Faire, we make things! The final assembly of our self-watering planter is shown below. Note how the top half of the bottle is inverted into the bottom half. See how the soil and reservoir water are connected by a wick. These are details you’ll learn first-hand as you make a self-watering planter at Maker Faire. IMG_9835 facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest