Hands-on – Preparing Marshmallow Shooters

Kelsey cutting PVC

What does it take to prepare Marshmallow Shooters for Maker Faire? How about 3,680 feet of 1/2 inch PVC pipe which need to be cut to 10,000 3″ and 2,000 7″ lengths. Ask Kelsey how long that takes and the answer is three days, nonstop.

Along with thousands of end caps, T-joints, and elbows we’ll have the inventory for kids galore to make their own Marshmallow Shooters. This is just one of ten different hands-on activities that will be available at Maker Faire next weekend. Come rediscover the joy of making, Come to Maker Faire.

Bulk PVC Pipe

The delivery of 368 PVC pipes, each 10′ long.

PVC Pipe Cut to 3" and 7" lengths.

Inventory after about 7,000 cuts and with sore arms.