Hands-on: LED Flashlight

IMG_9848 LEDs projects occupy a special place in makers’ hearts. Their radiance and color appeal to us but all too often these battery-powered projects have a short life. Batteries only power LEDs for a few hours. But what if the magic could last for months or years? What if the project was portable, personal and useful too? Witness the LED flashlight. The reason most simple LED projects are shot-lived is that they can’t be turned on and off. The LEDs usually stay lit and the battery quickly expires. However, using a smart trick with adhesive foam, Stephanie Santoro prototyped and perfected a wonderful craft project which produces a very personal flashlight. Since the light is on only when squeezed, the battery last a long time and this flashlight becomes a  wonderful long-term treat of self expression. Don’t miss this and many other hands-on activities at Maker Faire. IMG_9838 facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest