Hands-on: Giant Bubble Wand

At Maker Faire you’ll have the chance to crank out the bubbles! Using our giant bubble wands, all it takes is a little breeze and the right wand motion to produce streams of small bubbles or bulbous giant bubbles. It’s all possible with the right technique. This is one of many hands-on activities attendees can participate in because at Maker Faire, we make things! The video above was made at a recent gathering where we continued to test and improve our hands-on activity candidates. There is a long list of projects being considered for the selection of our top ten. It’s not a simple undertaking but it’s an important one. We believe making is a critical ingredient of Maker Faire and we want every attendee to have opportunities to experience the joy of making. Uyen, our leader for hands-on, shows below how she’s in to making. <groan> :) IMG_9852 facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest