Hands-on: A Maker Faire Experience

At Maker Faire 60% of attendees will participate in hands-on projects or demonstrations. It’s part of the experience. When you go to Maker Faire you make things and Maker Faire San Diego will be no different except in one important way: we intend to offer more!

The video above is an example of our Learn to Solder activity.  Other classics include Compressed Air Rockets, Marshmallow Shooters, and Nerdy Derby. We’re considering these and others and we’d welcome your input. Watch for an upcoming series of posts which feature other projects under consideration and being tested. Our goal is to supersize our hands-on experiences offerings!

Got a favorite? Know of a simple and interesting project? Add your ideas and suggestions to this post in the comments below. We’ll read ’em! Interested in in helping? If so then come join us at a meetup or become a volunteer.