First Cupcake Drive!

Rob was the first to occupy the assembled cupcake, and he took it on its first ride.

Rob was the first to occupy the assembled cupcake and take it on its first ride!

Such a great feeling! After many hours learning, experimenting, and building we did it. At 12:23 PM on Saturday at OSML, Rob somewhat unexpectedly took our first cupcake car on it’s inaugural ride. (Note his somewhat surprised start in the video below.) You can see that and more after the link. 

Below are a pictures from the day’s construction followed by Rob’s now-famous first drive. Our next steps will include assembling more bases, building more wooden rims and we will start building tops. The group build process will continue and all are welcome to join us.

Fitting a cardboard prototype of the tin base.

Designing a cardboard prototype of the tin base.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Trimming the wooden base made from the cardboard prototype.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Joe sizing up the first assembly of base and scooter.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Paul, Rob and Uyen attaching the base into the tin.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Mounting the tin with base on the cart for the first time.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Joe conducting final assembly of our flexible design.

Cupcake Car Prototype

Travis expressing the joy felt by all the build group.

And now, as promised, documented evidence of the very first cupcake car rides!