Cupcake #1: Done!

Cupcake RideWe did it! After months of weekly sessions we’ve realized the fruits of our labor. Today we put the final touches on our first cupcake car and just in time for the Mayor’s announcement of Maker Faire. Watch our cupcake take a stroll.  To build cupcake cars we’ve assembled an amazing team. Most of the early heavy lifting took place early in north county at OSML with family, friends, and acquaintances coming together to cut and shape sheet metal, bent and weld metal rod, and assemble what slowly started to look like a cupcake. Doug, Ivanka, Sharon, Rob, Matt and Kim fill our cupcake top with stuffing. Our goals were many. Foremost for Maker Faire we wanted to have cupcakes to drive around but there was much more to it. We wanted an ongoing project that brought people together, helped them learn new skills, and created friendships. We also wanted to form and grow a team which could eventually help to deliver Maker Faire to Balboa Park. It’s been happening according to plan. We expanded build activities to Fab Lab. The community has grown in both locations. Many people have learned new skills and cupcakes keep advancing. We’re on the path to having four, yes 4, cupcake cars and the first is complete and dancing a jig in the video below. Care to join us? Watch for developments on our meetup page.   facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail