Close Encounter with the Giant Pod

Me and Scott fighting with tools Ever seen a haunting, twelve-legged solar powered robot? Scott Parenteau’s “Walking Pod”, a moving geodesic dome brought from Sacramento to San Diego this past weekend, is captivating in construction and menacing in battle. “All the plans are in my head,” he says as he holds a giant wrench in his hands to assemble this mutant vehicle today all by himself.  I stood next to the cold, giant claws which reached up to my shoulders.  Feeling their menacing intentions, I grabbed another giant wrench engaging the extraordinary Pod Master in a formidable duel! Not really – but I had a great time hearing Scott share stories about the many places where this original giant pod walked, including the infamous San Mateo Maker Faire and Burning Man. Pod Legs Assembly Later on Monday, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer and Council Member Todd Gloria rode the crawling robot at Balboa Park’s Plaza de Panama to announce the first annual San Diego Maker Faire. It was amazing to watch the POD approach and then see them emerge from the belly of the beast, lowered by way of an elevator. Emerging from the POD As for me, I shall wait in the shadows of the majestic arches along El Prado for my chance to face the iron giant once again. – “Dueling Phantom” Editor: Giant Walking POD, another transplant from Bay Area Maker Faire, was here & will appear again at San Diego Maker Faire. “Dueling Phantom” is a member of the San Diego Makers Guild and a wrench-fighter extraordinaire. Got a good maker story to share? Write to us! facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail