The following is a list of free online resources brought to you by James Newton:

*note: All classes free. Prices reflect materials cost.

  • Collaboration 101 – Google Docs / Drive and how to use it to collaborate on the internet. (10 to 30 middle school and up)
  • Introduction to Automation (up to 20 middle school and up)
    • Intro to Web pages / HTML – Learn how to make a web page with HTML and Javascript (HTML5)
    • Intro to Web apps – Learn how to make a portable HTML5 web page that can be installed as an app on any SmartPhone.
    • HTML5 web apps interfacing to the physical world.
  • Electronics 101 – Basics of electricity, LED’s, batteries, current limiting resistors. Make an LED Throwie $2 or a USB light $5 (up to 20 K-12 and up)
  • Soldering  – Learn how to solder electronic circuits.
    • Soldering 101 – Basic Technique $2 (5-10 middle school and up)
    • Soldering 102 – Build a Makerbot badge  $5  (5-10 middle school and up)
    • Soldering 103 – Build a regulated power supply for a PC interface card $10 (5-10 high school and up)
  • Introduction to Digital Logic – How one simple (NAND) logic gate can be used to build every computing function. Learn how machines think!  (30 middle school and up)
  • Arduino Intro – Learn how to connect, program, and blink an Arduino clone (Trinket) $10  (10 middle school and up)
  • Embedded Computing  – Connect and program your Raspberry Pi $35 computer.  (10 senior high school and up)
  • Plastics casting with 3D printed molds. Using a safe, non-toxic thermoplastic to quickly form multiple objects from customized molds printed via 3D printer. $20  (10 K-12 and up)
  • Introduction to 3D printing – how to take a design file (.STL) and slice it for printing including printer tuning and troubleshooting.  (10 high school and up)
  • Introduction to OpenSCAD – Coding Reality: Basics of designing real physical objects with a programming language.  (20 senior high school and up)
  • Introduction to G-Code for 3D Printing – Advanced class in how G-Code controls 3D printers, what the codes mean, and how to write custom G-Code for tricks! (10 senior high school and up)
  • Motion control – Connect your computer to the real world and make it move with servos and stepper motors. $50 (10 senior high school and up)
  • Lemons to embedded solutions: Complexity and noise in the world of embedded engineering and how to make it work for you (10 senior high school and up, after programming and electronics 101)

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