Battle Pond Adapts to Drought

Battle Pond For the past 8 years, the Battle Pond has been a popular annual feature at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Members of Western Warship Combat Club, San Francisco Model Yacht Club, and Mare Island SubCommittee build a 24,000 gallon “ocean,” and wage 8 Axis vs Allies RC naval battles over the course of the event. Members of the audiences (Bleachers hold 1,200 for each battle.) operate 7 cargo ships during the battles, while members of Western Warship Combat Club attempt to sink them. The captain of the last cargo ship afloat wins the day for his or her team. Battle Pond In between battles, members of all three clubs teach anyone who is interested how to operate any of the ships featured in the battles, as well as other scale model boats, sailboats and submarines. Battle Pond This year, due to the severe drought afflicting the state of California, the Battle Pond was required to utilize recycled water. It had to be purchased from a local municipality that has a recycling program (Redwood City, in this case), trucked to the San Mateo County Event Center, pumped into the 40′ x 72′ portable pond the group assembled, and then pumped back out at the end of Maker Faire into a storage tank brought in for the purpose. The water will be used by the Event Center to irrigate the Center’s shrubbery, flowers and trees. Battle Pond On Monday, May 18, all of the water was transferred to the storage tank, provided by Rain for Rent. None was lost, and none went down the storm drain. Battle Pond This is a perfect example of Makers Making It Happen, and leading the way for the communities around us. Battle Pond Story Submitted by Rob Wood Battle Pond Producer/Director Editor: Battle Pond, the perennial crowd pleaser at Bay Area Maker Faire, had to adapt to drought this year. Rob Wood, long-time director/producer of the event, submitted this story of how the team faced into the challenge and overcame. Got a good maker story to share? Write to us! facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail