A Successful Maker Faire Collaboration!


You never know how things will turn out with something new but North County Mini Maker Faire within AGSEM’s Antique Engine & Tractor Show was a hit!

Traditional making was in abundance among AGSEM’s 52 acres of museum. Farm equipment and steam engines were on parade and in operation. Trades such as blacksmithing and wheelwrighting and weaving were demonstrated. Specialty galleries of clocks, looms, model railroads and more were available for viewing. AGSEM’s 40-year tradition was in good form.

Into this we introduced our own celebration of making: Maker Faire! Our formula of maker-exhibitors, hands-on activities, and spectaculars was sewn into the fabric of AGSEM’s show. We had over 30 makers exhibiting such things as cigar box guitars, electric vehicles, and light paint sticks. Hand-on activities included classics such as air rockets and learn to solder. And there was no shortage of spectaculars ranging from cupcake cars, to battle pond, to drone racing.

Of course, all this wouldn’t mean much if people didn’t enjoy themselves. Thankfully they did! This collaboration resulted in a commingling of two communities. It was a chance for attendees from both camps to see what other makers were up to. Many a kid was amazed at the historic steam engines and giant tractors. Many an adult was blown away by drone acrobatics. We hope the experience will strengthen and unite the communities. (Click here to see a photo gallery.)

The weekend  was fun.
The events were successful.
And we’re thankful to everyone.