2015 Exhibitors!

makers1Curious about who some of our exhibitors are this year? Check out our 2015 Exhibitors list! You’ll find lots of tech tinkerers, artists, programmers, crafters, Steampunk and Star Wars lovers, art cars, hacked bikes and vehicles, printers (screen and 3D), laser cutters, music aficionados, gardeners, engineers, robotics clubs, sculptors, fitness enthusiasts, fashionistas, and those who defy definition by mixing all a manner of materials, genres, and technology. There is a maker for every interest and we are proud to have them at our 2015 Maker Faire!

Presenting the Maker Exhibitors for 2015!

3D Printed Balboa Park
3Dimensional Tools
40 W Laser cutter / Sun following solar panel Code 376
501st Legion, Imperial Sands Garrison, Costumes from Star Wars
A presentation on how to get started teaching your kids to be makers
Aether Devices Steampunk Gadgets
Airwolf 3D
Amelia Mouse Piano
ANG & EGA Stitching groups of San Diego
Aparato Upcycled fine Jewelry
Art Car: Paint My Prius
Art Gallery Teaching Exhibit
Articulating upright trycycle
Atomic Hoops
Austin DIY Ribbon Microphones
Autonomous Rover-Two (AR-Duo)
AWIS San Diego Outreach
Bamboo Bicycle!
Battle Pond
Bicycle Teardrop Trailer
Bug Lights
build IT @SDSU Library
Build your own programmable Armor
Cajon Valley School District
Ceramic Heights Pop up Studio
Cessna 172 Flight Simulator Pit
Chasing the Frill
Chet F. Harritt STEAM School
Chocolate Kintsugi
Christmas at the Maker Faire
Cigar Box Guitars
Creativity Workshop
Cricket Labs Mechatronics Board
Da Vinci
De La Luna Designs
Designs by Mercer
Divergent Engineering of UCSD
DNA from strawberries & hover board.
Drone Fly Cage by San Diego Drone User Group (SDDUG)
Dulce Diego
East Village Association
Electric Go-Karts and Electric Skateboard
Eliminating Multiple Hallmark Magic Ornament Cacophony
Fab Lab
Feaster Charter School: Engineering Lab
FIRST Robotics
FIRST Robotics Competition
FIRST Robotics Competition – The Agency 3021
FIRST Robotics Competition Team Paradox 2102
FIRST Robotics Team 5209: Rectify
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) – San Diego Region
Flames of Light
FRC 4616
FRC4014 – Top Hat Technicians
Garden Evolution
Glass Bead Magnets
Global Green Concept Designs
Gyrosound Speaker
Haddington Dynamics
Hands-On Fab Lab Projects
High Tech Elementary Young Makers
High Tech High Media Arts: Student Designed and Constructed Furniture
High Wheel
HiTech EdVentures: Engineering Services
IEEE SDSU Student Branch
JCCS Students Graphic T’s
Jefferson Elementary STEAM Team Maker Club
Kaemy’s Handcrafted Figurines
Kick Gas Car Club!
KIPPsters Paper Cranes
L Gauge Museum
Learn How to Solder
Light Painting
Lilliput’s Miniatures
Little Bird Designs
Lonack Signature
magnetic magic
Make a Rainstick
Make a Self Watering Planter
Make Glow in the Dark Slime
Make It Take It at San Diego County Library
Make Your Own Toys
MAKEShift Poetry & The Long Now
Making the Show: behind the scenes at The La Jolla Playhouse.
Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club
Marshmallow Shooters
Metal Comb Works: Heirloom quality pocket combs
Microturbina de gas UIA.
My-Linh Weatherford
Nature Buttons
Nerdy Derby
NeuroTinker: Build Your Own Nervous System
Not Your Grandpa’s Ham Radio
Nurturing Imagination through visualization
Obrary – the open library of product designs
OneBot 3D Printers
Onshape Full-Cloud CAD Demo
Open Source Maker Labs
Open Source Skateboards
Opoli Technology
Organ Donor
Paper Airplane World Record
Paste Extruder for 3D Printing (for Clay, etc.)
Photographic Phantograms — Shoot, Process, Display
Polar Sleep
Pond Wireless Charging
Power Racing Series
Praying Mantis
Profit Making for Makers
Qball – The Throwable Wireless Microphone
Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego
Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego
Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego
Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego
Raspberry Pi Enthusiats
Rebuilding the Airplane Coaster
Red Door Distributions
Reeds Custom Crafts and Designs
Regular Cutups
Reviving History Through Wearable Art
Robolink Robotics Education
Robot Tito
Robotics Society of Southern California
Roosevelt IB Middle School MESA Build
S. Claus Toys & Solar
Sagebrush 4-H Robotics
San Diego Air & Space Museum Ryan Spirit of St. Louis Project
San Diego Arduino Enthusiasts
San Diego Argonauts (RC Model Boats)
San Diego City Robotics
San Diego Makers Guild, Inc.
San Diego Makers Guild, Inc.
San Diego Microwave (Ham Radio) Group
San Diego Public Library Makerspaces!
San Diego R2 Builders demo/exhibit
San Diego Robotics Club
San Diego Science Alliance
San Diego Star Wars Society
San Diego Steampunk Fashion Show
San Diego Zoo Tech To Reconnect
SandyWaffles Mobile Screen Printing
Satelite Educativo CanSat
Scale Models of Buildings and Stuctures for Hobbyists
SDSU Engineering
SDSU Mechatronics
Seraph Drone, Dolly Drone
Silent Orchestra
Small Portable Aluminum Smelter
Smart Finger Puppet
Smart Gardens for STEM Learning
SmartJars, Inc.
SouthWest Robotics in Science Education
Stairway to Nowhere
Starburner Galactic Courier Service “The Strato Sculpin”
Startup Weekend
Steaming Madd~Mini Top Hat Make and Take ($10)
Steaming Madd~Steampunk Jewelry and Wears
Steampunk Public
Steampunk Star Wars
Steampunk Workshop
STEM Guitar-Building
STEM@CSUSM: “Making” STEM Relevant
Subinitial: Stacks
SunJack Portable Solar Power
The California Institute of Robotics
The Electric Giraffe Project
The Next Great Cure
The Photo Palace Bus
THE ROBO 3D Printing Experience
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UCSD
The Wet Lab
There Goes The Neighborhood
Things You Learn When You Cosplay
Tony Stark and Geppetto collaborate version 2.1
Trashy Crafter
Triton 3D
Triton Rocket Club
Triumvirate Idea Labs
Tye Dye Dragons – Lego Robotics
UABC Rocker Bogie
UC San Diego Autonomous Airplane Team
Unicornicopia Jewelry
Urban Octopus
USS Midway Museum
VEX Robotics Competition
Vince Briel 8 bit retro computer replica’s
VOCADEMY – The Makerspace
Waste the Waste!
Weedwackers Aerosquadron
Wellington Jr.
Wicked Soap Company
Wyng’d Lyon Creations
Y Y Art Center